Self Care--What does that mean?

1.    Tune in to Meaning
What matters most to you in your life? Where do you find meaning?  Take a moment to write it down. What would make each day more meaningful to you? (Examples may include volunteering, attending to a spiritual practice, playing with pets, taking a walk in the woods, talking to a close friend, playing music, etc)

2.    Worthiness
Make the decision that you are worthy of taking good care of yourself. Many of us are caretakers and put our own needs toward the bottom of our list. When we value and take care of ourselves, we are healthier and have more to share with others. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis are effective tools for boosting your sense of worthiness and self-esteem.

3.    Let Go
Be willing to prioritize your task list and limit yourself to having reasonable goals.  Make sure to leave time to wind down, "unplug" and get ready for rest.  At the end of the day, focus on the things you’ve accomplished, rather than what you have yet to do.

4.    Back to Basics

*Get enough sleep. Most people need 7-9 hours every night. If you are struggling with sleep, get some help. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for improving sleep. I have an excellent article on sleep on my website

*Make wise choices about nutrition.
Be mindful of food choices and plan meals.
Eat a healthy breakfast every day.
Set a goal for increasing your water intake or fruits and vegetables
You can still enjoy Aunt Betty’s famous cookies but having a focus of eating to treat your body well can make a
significant positive impact.  Put quality fuel in your body and it will thank you for it through more energy and better health.

*Get social support.  Make time for friends and family! Be around people who brighten your day.  Limit time with those who are an "energy drain".

*Say what you need to say.  Express your needs rather than expecting others to read your mind.

*Move that body.  Exercise helps decrease stress and muscle tension, increase energy and improve mood.  Finding an activity you enjoy will help you stick to making it a habit.