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Tai Chi Easy™ is not a kind of Tai Chi but a carefully developed method and approach to Tai Chi that makes it easy, beneficial and fun --- right away. So, the learner doesn't have to wait to learn 108 traditional movements or even a traditional short (24, 36, 42 movement) form. Tai Chi Easy™ can be done in two movements or three, called Tai Chi Three, or in a Chair - Tai Chi Chair. So there could be Tai Chi Two Chair, or standing Tai Chi Three, or walking Tai Chi Ten. 
Tai Chi Easy™was developed by Roger Jahnke, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD) and founder of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi.  Cheryl DeDecker is a Certified Practice Leader for Tai Chi Easy. Interested in registering for the upcoming series of classes? Go to the main menu and select the“Register for workshops” option.